So you’ve lathered on your foundation, it’s smooth and well blended; you’re looking like a bag of money already. Yass! You’re feeling yourself in the mirror and even you know you’re looking mighty fine. Next step, get your concealer to highlight those cheekbones for that oomph. There! You did it. Magnificent! Now it’s time for the eyes, the setting powder and blending powder. You’re a spice. The lipstick goes on and hopefully it’s something bright and daring, like the Chanel in Etienne or the MAC Ruby Woo which both work for every skin tone. Voila! You’ve attained savage level. But and this is a big BUT, you’ve skipped an integral step-you didn’t colour correct.

Colour correcting is important for the woman with acne, dark marks, uneven skin tone and even a little blemish here and there that Concealers and Foundations may not fully conceal. The orange colour corrector from LA Girl is an absolute fave. With my foundation brush/ blending sponge, I blend a little over my moustache area which for most melanin-blessed girls tends to become a problem area as it is often darker than the rest of the face. I also blend some over the sides of my face as I have some scarring from Acne in those areas. At what stage does this application work? Do this before applying your foundation for the best results! The idea is your foundation should not have do so much work.

Most brands currently have an array of rainbow-like colours which could become intimidating, to assist you, below is a quick guide:

  • Green: redness and broken capillaries.
  • Blue/Lavender: sallowness.
  • Pink/Peach: darkness, dullness and blue veins, particularly in fair skin.
  • Yellow: dullness, particularly in olive skin tones.
  • Orange/Red: darkness on skin tones deeper than medium

If you haven’t purchased colour correctors and have found that your finished look might need a little bit of something. You might be missing the colour corrector step.

Watch this tutorial below by professional MUA, Jackie Aina for a visual guide.

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