Movement is important to every human. This is also portrayed in the positions where we find ourselves with respect to our relationships, career, business, family life or even relationship with others. There is always a need to make a shift to launch us from one point to another.

Epiphanies are life-changing moments or moments of sudden or great revelation. It is appropriate to ask “How can I have a breakthrough or epiphany? Can you induce them?” From everything I have read and heard, we cannot really induce these personal, life-changing moments.

As much as, it’s true that we cannot confidently say that it all depends on us. It takes a major part of effort from us to make this happen. We can prepare and be open to these moments of revelation.

Paying attention to these helpful tips might just be what you need;

Find ways to quiet the mind and live in the state of “listening” where they occur. If you aren’t listening and paying attention, it is much harder to notice and honour these moments when they come.

Some people think that epiphanies only happen when you’re going through a crisis, a time when we are compelled to be more acutely aware of our life and its meaning. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We can live our everyday lives in a state of attentive listening, whether that be through meditation, prayer, walking, being in nature or whatever works for us to get us in the place of mindfulness and a quiet state. 

We also can cultivate faith and belief in ourselves, so when one of these moments occurs, we embrace, acknowledge, and respect it.

Most importantly, once we have such an epiphany, we can take action on it. When one of these amazing gifts comes to us, the way to honour it is to put it to use. You can start with baby steps. Just move one step in the direction your epiphany is sending you. Then the second step usually reveals itself, then the third step, fourth step and pretty soon you’re running. It’s at that point that amazing stuff starts to happen and serendipity is encountered – the fact that the world seems to be arranging itself to urge you on in the right direction.

When you experience serendipity, make sure to notice, trust it, pray, listen to your intuition and bank on God ‘s word. If you feel good about the actions you’re taking, then you’re probably on the right track.


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