Do you get in early, stay in late, work weekends and still feel as though you’re burning the candle at both ends? If so, you are probably experiencing job burnout. It happens to the best of us and left unchecked, work burnout can have a lasting and negative effect on our lives both inside and outside of work.

Many employees who have been tackling large workloads for months are slowly but surely losing their motivation at work. Extreme work stress brought on by long work hours and seemingly relentless deadlines can lead to low morale and reduced productivity

So, if you feel like it’s all becoming too much, you need to take a breath, try and relax. Here are few tips that can help you beat a burnout to it’s game;

Stop Working

Seriously. Talk to your manager as soon as possible and take a break. Not a five-minute break, and not a couple of days at home. You need a complete and total cut-off from work. You should explain why, without sounding like you’re whining or getting emotional. Be rational, lay out all the reasons you deserve a break, and why you will be an even better employee when you return.

Have a Heart-to-Heart With Someone Close

Another way to relieve a little pressure is to share your problems, thoughts, and concerns with someone who genuinely cares about your well-being. It could be a spouse, a son or daughter, your best friend, a neighbor, or a trusted co-worker (don’t go spilling the beans to someone who is known to spread gossip or use the information against you). They do not have to be in the same industry, and they do not have to understand exactly what it is you do. But what they can do is be a shoulder to cry on, which is often all you need to release some of that bottled-up frustration and despair.

Find Ways to Make Work More Fun or Interesting

In advertising and design, when you’re busy on exciting projects it can alleviate some of the problems that come with an exhaustive schedule. Yes, you’re busy, but you’re having so much fun it’s not an issue. However, when you’re burning the candle at both ends on projects that do nothing to inspire you, that’s when burnout can really take hold. When this happens, find ways to make the jobs you’re working on more fun.

Find a Release

You need to let out the fume. Look out for ways to unwind, enagage in fun physical activities such as see a movie, go on a boat ride, visit somewhere serene, go seea movie or even engage in a paintball battle. It could also just be something that appeals to you but do something away from the norm.

Right now, you’re a pressure cooker. If you don’t open that release valve from time to time, you are going to explode. Perhaps not literally, but you’ll crack emotionally, have outbursts, or maybe do something from which your career can never fully recover.

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