Lets take a look at the lifestyle of these two moms

FIRST MUM – Wakes up by 5am, makes breakfast for the house, prepares the kids for school, drops the kids at school, comes back home by now it’s already 8am, she starts to clean the house, do the dirty laundry then rushes to the market. She gets back home to prepare launch and it’s already 3pm so she rushes to pick the kids from school and so – Perfect house wife! Isn’t it?

This cycle continues everyday apart from weekends where she has to look after the children.

SECOND MUM – Wakes up by 5am, makes breakfast for the house, prepares kids for school, drops kids at school, comes back home but this time around she has a help  who comes in to help with the running around, cleaning and washing. So instead of her doing all of these, she gets home goes to her office located in the house and works from there. Mum number two is a writer and publishes her book on an online platform.

At the end of the month she gets close to 70,000 from sales of books. Everyday Mum number two dedicates 7 hours to improving on herself and making money.

The truth is being a stay at home mum is the hardest job any individual can take up. It is time-consuming, changes you and tests your patience. This is because, you are dealing with a different class of individuals – babies, toddlers and teenagers.

But still every stay-at- home mom dreads been asked this question: ‘What do you do?’ This is because it begins to question their identity. You can easily say ‘oh I am a stay at home and I take care of my kids.‘  No doubt this is an honourable role to take up but most times the true essence of this question is to know what you do aside from looking after the home.

Such questions make you remember a period in your life when you were so good at something, or how you had a fat paying job. Darling do not be fazed. Becoming a stay at home doesn’t put an end to your career goals it can only make it more challenging to achieve.

Thanks to technology and telecommuting, you can still work from home or at any location you find convenient. The only thing is you have to be creative and find a business opportunity where others do not see one.

There are different business ideas for stay at home and the list is endless

  • E-Book Writer: This job is advisable for you to take up especially if you enjoy writing. You can specialise in any area you find interesting – fiction, fantasy, thriller, contract writing and so on. Register on any E-book platform, put up your work for sale or reach out to blogs and websites to be a contributor on their platform.
  •  SEO Consultant: If Google is your language and you have in-depth knowledge about search engine optimisation (SEO) then, assist business owner and bloggers drive traffic to their website. Who knows you might be lucky and could start getting offers to give online trainings to organisations about this.
  •  Transport Services: In a country like Nigeria where over 60 percent of its population makes use of public transportation daily, starting your own transport company wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can start by getting buying three motorbikes and getting individuals you trust use them for business. At the end of the day, you decide on what percentage they take from the total amount made.
  • Transcriber/Translator: If you have very good listening skills and can speak other foreign languages apart from english you can register on freelance portals like Upwork where your services would be paid for.
  • Virtual Assistant: is a highly skilled, home based job that is very profitable. You take up business administrative roles as well as technical social assistance. The services you can provide are endless depending on your background or training.

To get more career ideas for stay at home click here


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