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As much as we love and pray for the sunny days, there is no guarantee that it will always be sunny. Preparing for the rainy days is a good preventive measure against the days of the ‘hard knock’s life.’

In the days when you are in the dark, you have to be still and have it all figured out. Every living being is a mathematician A Pythagoras of some sort because every challenge we come across is an unanswered question. Well, your job in this equation is to resolve this unanswered question. Each time you experience stress over a problem, you’re basically sabotaging your life. It’s completely unnecessary to ever freak out.

Being humans we love being sheltered, comfortable and safe. So safe, that we often do not even recognise that other people around us are  undergoing though times. None of these are our faults but this is the reality of life. In a blink of an eye, sometimes the tables are turned and we might find ourselves being victims and we cry “Foul” as we wave the ‘Why me?” card. No one is to be blamed for this, it is life’s game plan.

Have you ever wondered why gold is not being tried by washing it in water or by having it soaked in some other chemical substance rather than having it  pass through fire. As a child I was fascinated each time I watched a nearby local goldsmith put the gold brought to him by his customers in the furnace.

The only lesson I actually picked from the gold in the fire furnace was that good things do not come so easy. Sometimes there is a price to pay, a sacrifice to be made before we can behold this beauty that we envisage.

You are not Miss or Mrswho you say you are.’ You are gold and this why you have been through all you have experienced. There is something I need you to know, gold does not get burnt in the furnace. It comes out better than it was at the initial stage. Stay Strong, no matter how hot the sun is, it can never burn the ocean.

I see you emerging triumphant!


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