Sometimes when I listen to how guys try to understand or figure out women, it sort of amuses me. Not because it is particularly funny but because it is just fascinating. I am no exception….heck! I am a woman but guys make it seem like trying to figure out the emotions and psychology of a woman is like undergoing a Ph. D program or like trying to solve a mystery.

I do agree though about how difficult and sometimes puzzling the woman gender can be. I sometimes wonder why we are that way but then again, that is what makes us amazing and super interesting.

True, we are wired emotionally, psychologically and even physically different from man. Women live in a different actuality from men but the fact is, we all can’t have same realities and that is just the beauty of it……the opposites which complement each other makes man and woman extremely compatible and suitable for each other.

However, just as puzzling as women might be, it can’t be denied that we are just as fascinating, intriguing and titillating. Sure we can really cause guys to sweat it…..loving us, understanding us and all but we are most definitely worth it.

Complicated is one word commonly associated with women and true to reality, she could be. The nature of woman is somewhat complex and she is a very interesting being.

Everyone is a combination of their past, where/who they are now and where/who they hope to be in the future. A complicated woman is a result of her story. Now, you may say don’t men go through hardships and difficulties too?

Yeah, men do but not in the same way as women. Remember we are wired differently. With women, our emotions are deeply involved but same can’t be said for men who happen to be more logical and somewhat analytical in their doings.

Trust me, a complicated woman is beautiful because that is what she is….She helps man think. She ignites the creative, imaginative and even romantic side of man as he tries to deeply understand her. She is bound to make his life super interesting.

A Complicated woman because of her story and her past, approaches life with a different gusto. She is a challenge for any man especially when she sees great potential and cares so much.

And you know the irony of all this is that, a complicated woman loves simplicity and in actual sense she is just as simple when you really get to know her.

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