Being an entrepreneur is a big deal and being a mom adds more to it because you have more responsibilities to deal with. This is because the hours are different and the responsibilities are different. The flexibility, freedom and restrictions are also different.

But if there is a will, there will certainly be a way. Here are few businesses that make the ‘mommy’ cap add the entrepreneur feather to it.

Create products as a freelance designer

Calling all artists and creatives! If you love to doodle, create logos, change and play with colours and just have an eye for detail that can really set things apart, becoming a freelance designer can be a great gig.

Being a freelancer gives you the ability to choose whatever gigs you want and focus on projects that bring you joy. After all, what’s the point of branching out and finding ways to earn money if you’re not going to enjoy doing it?

Food photography 

Have you ever stared at a food picture and wondered who actually took it? Well, the answer could be…you. There are a ton of great opportunities for food photography! If someone has recipes on their site or talks about food, they have a need for a food photographer. Period.

The truth is, the pictures are what actually sell the food or recipe. Online outlets can toss up recipes all day long on their sites, but if they aren’t showing the pictures of food, those sales just aren’t going to convert.

Same concept with local restaurants as well. How cool would it be to stroll into a local restaurant in your town and offer to photograph their food? Those shots could be used for their menu, marking, online social media pages, etc.

Become an entertainer for children’s parties 

I’m in love with this idea! First off, who doesn’t love birthday parties? Second off…there’s always cake! But in all seriousness, if you have a skill or ability that can bring others happiness, share it and earn money from it! Why not?! You can start with the neighbours down the street. Shoot your shot and it may just way beyond your initial imagination. 

Juggling, interacting, face painting, telling jokes…those are all fun ways to make money that not everyone can do. You can easily create a niche market for yourself and earn a great living doing something that you’re passionate about.


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