We had been out all day on a girls vacation. Deola kept binge watching tv series and checking up stuff on her phone despite being with the girls.

“It’s normal and everyone does it,” You might say as you roll your eyes but the truth is that most times an addiction does not look like an addiction.

It is important to have limits with the use of your phone.

Hints could be waking up at night to check on your phone, having all the time as a bathroom companion, text-walk, being engrossed on your device even in the midst of people or spending time on it to escape tasks.

  • The average person checks her phone 110 times a day.
  • Three quarters of people check their phone first thing when they wake up.
  • 61 percent sleep with their phone turned on, by their bed.
  • 1 in 3 smartphone users wake in the night to check their phones (it’s 50 percent for people 18-24).

It might be hard to accept the fact but it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

So how do you get out of this engulfing web?

Customize Your Notifications

Notifications are one of the reasons we spend so much time on the phone. Limiting notifications gives you fewer excuses to check the phone constantly. The fewer reasons you have to check your phone, the less time you spend on it. Spending less time checking notifications can help you stop being addicted to phone.

Delete unnecessary apps

How to stop phone addiction? Deleting unnecessary apps is the first step. We are addicted to smartphones because they provide access to friends and entertainment. Therefore, deleting apps means you spend less time on the phone. These apps are not vital for the phone’s function and can be deleted. Deleting apps where you spend a lot of time not only benefits you but your smartphone as well. It means no unnecessary space is taken up.


Don’t bring the phone to bed

Not taking the phone to bed combats cell phone addiction and lets you sleep better at night. You will not be checking notifications during the late hours of the night. The backlight from the phone would not disrupt your circadian rhythm, which improves sleep.


Use Airplane mode

Airplane mode disables many functions on your smartphone, prevents the reception of messages, and connection to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Using Airplane mode gives you little reason to spend time on your phone, which is excellent for fighting addiction.

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