We know it’s quite the battle everytime you’re forced to sit in your loyal hairdresser’s chair and the dreaded question comes: What would you like to do to your hair today? You begin to rack through your brain what styles are trending, which would work for your facial structure, the list goes on.

To assist you with this very important question, we’ve drawn up a list of ideas for hairstyles you might be looking to try.

Please see below.

  1. The one-sided braid

Now, this hairstyle suits just about everyone ensuring that you can never go wrong. Mix it up with colours and some thread for that edgy feel.


2. The loner in the middle


Yes, I totally just made up the hairstyle name because I have no idea what it’s called but, you catch my drift. This hairstyle magically became really trendy late last year with many celebrities and stars sporting the hair style from the U.S and even here in Africa. It is a perfect cover for women who have a widow’s peak but it is also ideal for any face shape. Add some oomph with some beads and you’re good to go. Also, just as a heads-up it looks way better when it’s scanty so ensure you instruct your hairdresser to go easy on the number of braids.


3. Irregular Plaits

Source: Marie Louise on Instagram

This is a personal favourite as it seems to suit everyone. Wear your hair with plaits that all go back or wear them with in a high up-do with these irregular plaits. They frame your face quite nicely and add some pizzazz to your whole look.


And there you have it. Send in your photos once you’ve tried any of these looks. You never know, we might just give you a little treat.

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