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Improving your emotional intelligence can make a major difference when it comes to your personal happiness, your relationships with others, and even your professional life. Some very smart people are emotionally tone deaf and some people with average intelligence are brilliant at understanding emotions. Emotional intelligence can be learned like other skills, but you must have curiosity about how your mind and the minds of others tick to start the process.

One of the simplest ways to improve your emotional intelligence is to identify your sources of stress and head them off at the pass.

Prioritize Kindness Over Being Right

It feels undeniably great to win arguments. That said, not every conversation is a win or lose matter. When you start feeling that competitive streak rise up during a normal conversation, do what you can to put kindness first.

Practice ways to maintain a positive attitude and self-awareness. Learn to take critique well too.

Assertive communication goes a long way toward earning respect without coming across as too aggressive or too passive. Emotionally intelligent people know how to communicate their opinions and needs in a direct way while still respecting others. Cultivating good listening skills too is very beneficial.

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