I may never be opportune to lecture a group of English language students but I can boldly tell them that the phrase, ‘business as usual’ may soon cease to exist. Each day, new brands and businesses are springing up while the old ones are trying to keep being relevant. It’s like a clash of the Titans and the most fascinating part is that these businesses and brands are leaving the initial spot where they were started to reach out to the most incredible places. Social media has been a helpful tool to make this a reality but Instagram is to be immensely thanked for this upscale.

Take it or leave it, The ‘Gram‘ is a visual marketing power. No wonder it employs the use of graphics, photos and videos to create the most compelling effect on intending clients. It creates a level playing ground for you to share the most defined and aesthetic identity of your brand.

Do you want your brand to remain visible? Do you want to increase your client base? Then you need to boost your business visibility with Instagram. I would love to tell you that it stops at just having an IG account uploading content but that will be terrible of me. Here are few ways to make your brand visible;

Speak up, we need to hear your voice 

I don’t mean you need to literally need to speak out but the only way your followers are going to associate certain characteristics with your brand is if you show it to them in every post. Captions on your posts should add value to your visuals, provide details about the product depicted and personify your brand voice. You need to do more than take photos twice a day, remember to engage with your customers, clients or users by asking questions, joining existing conversations, and hosting contests that incentivize consumer engagement.

You need employees, pick 'Hashtags'

Hashtags are great and important part of discovery on Instagram but don’t abuse them. Ensure that for every hashtag you use, you take being innovative, specific and targeted into consideration. Hashtags can be a fantastic way to boost your exposure on Instagram and generate more engagement with your content. For every post, a good method is to start with the bigger hashtags relevant to your post and industry and work down to a smaller niche, more pertinent hashtags. You can alternately add your hashtags to the comments section of your post if that creates a cleaner look for your brand.

Insta live and highlight stories 

Displaying your brand is storytelling and Insta stories is a great way to tell your clients the fun stuff you have been up to. 300+ million accounts use Instagram stories every day. They appear as circles in a line at the top of the Instagram feed. A bit more informal or conversational, it’s a great way to drive engagement to your business. You can use hashtags, people tags and location on your stories and your audience can message you while on your story. These stories disappear within 24 hours, now you can save them in your Instagram archive and Insta highlight is an awesome way to showcase different aspects of your brand or business.

Your ideas need to be every day fresh 

Would that be too much work? You can view a million accounts for ideas, but the direction of content for your brand has to stem from within. While that can take on many forms, an average business owner has other work to do and the constant demand for content is stressful. That’s when you work smarter, not harder.  In a situation where you get stuck, you might as well repost your best content or one that didn’t get as much engagement as it deserved because of a smaller following at that time or other factors. You could even add the caption or hashtag “Throwback Thursday” if you want to be transparent about the reuse.

Curate content by sharing or regramming a trending post with proper permission and credit is not an offence either.



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