Adiya Dixon Wiggins always found herself putting on her makeup while on the go but she found makeup brushes too unwieldy to use in the car. She wanted an easy-to-use makeup applicator but could not find one in stores, online, or anywhere. She even went to cosmetic trade shows in search of one, to no avail. Ultimately, she had to make one herself. And now her creation, Yubi Buff, has landed her on TIME’s “50 Best Inventions of 2018” list.

“I gathered all the brushes I owned and a few others I bought specifically to experiment with. Armed with a hot glue gun, bits of ribbon and plastic and wood, I spent weeks in my basement at night creating prototypes. They were mostly disasters. But when I finally had something that came close, I took it to an engineering firm on a lunch break one afternoon.”

Yubi Beauty

Source: Yubi Beauty / Yubi Beauty

The result was Yubi (the Japanese word for finger), an interchangeable makeup sponge and brush, that lets you slip the gadget over your two fingers and apply foundation, blush, contour, etc. The Yubi Buff and Blend set ($39) is available on the Yubi Beauty website and will also debut on the Home Shopping Network in January 2019. A patent is currently pending on the product.

Yubi Beauty

Source: Yubi Beauty / Yubi Beauty

Dixon Wiggins wrote on her website that she “hit pause” on her law career to focus on the rapidly growing Yubi Beauty brand. And it is more than just a new business for her — it’s a movement. She declared: “Yubi is itself a challenge to the status quo – the rule that cosmetic tools need to look, act and behave in a specific way.  It is as surprising and delightful a tool as the journey to create it has been.  I hope to put the magic of beauty literally at the fingertips of people everywhere.  And in doing so I also hope to spread the word that challenging the status quo, while not easy, can lead to beautiful things in your life and the lives of others.”



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