“How many times have you read the words “Black women shouldn’t travel solo”?  Coleitha Banks only had to read them once to decide that she was going to change that narrative. As a woman who frequently travels solo, Banks knew she was not alone, and wanted to make sure other Black women knew they weren’t alone either. Banks knew that Black women needed a safe place to explore the world of solo travel, and in 2016 Sisters Traveling Solo (STS) was born.

“Sisters Traveling Solo Facebook group was started in December 2015 after I read a comment on a solo travel blog that said, “Black women shouldn’t travel solo.” Not any woman, “Black women.” Being a Black woman who travelled solo, I wasn’t sure why as a Black woman I shouldn’t travel solo. I wanted to create a space for Black women who traveled solo” Coleitha says.”

With the goal of fostering a positive online community and encouraging women to step outside of their comfort zone to explore the world, STS boldly dares to be different, impactful and refreshing by offering support and encouragement to Black women looking to travel the world on their terms. STS also seeks to help eliminate obstacles that may prevent women from embarking on their travel journeys with their monthly passport giveaway program that allows members facing financial hardships to obtain a passport-free and 100% funded by Sisters Traveling Solo.

From photos of Black women doing the things they’ve always dreamed of, to promoting a safe place to receive encouragement, and creating opportunities for strangers to become sisters and life long friends, Sisters Traveling Solo is more than just your typical travel group. It’s a place of inspiration and empowerment shattering stereotypes of Black women with every new adventure.

The proud founder of Sisters Travelling Solo described travelling solo as Freedom, Reflection and Self love.

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