We are not so certain of what direction life would take us but we must pay the most important attention to getting to our proposed direction. Lately, the kids in my church were so caught up in playing that they trampled on some admirable budding flowers in the garden, I was particularly pained that the effort put in to plant them was in vain. Two weeks later, I visited the same spot to find out that the flower ‘d  blossom.

A  year after Time magazine deemed T.D. Jakes “America’s Best Preacher,” His daughter Sarah discovered that she was pregnant at 13. Although her family stood by her side as the judgment poured in, the shame that loomed wouldn’t be easy to shake. She worked tirelessly to finish high school early while raising her son, but her attempt to redeem her image unravelled in college as she sunk into an unhealthy relationship and later, marriage marked by infidelity and deceit.

On the brink of divorce, Sarah launched a personal blog as an outlet to address her hurt through prayers and stories that mirrored her own. In this space, she didn’t have to conceal her brokenness. Here, she had the liberty to own her scars.

Little did she know, she would draw an audience of women longing to do the same. “I didn’t really think that it was ministry but the more that it became increasingly clear that it was, I just made a vow that I was going to be as authentic and transparent as I could be,” she says.


In the years to come, Sarah Jakes – Touré would rediscover love, expand her family with husband Touré Roberts, and settle into a purpose far greater than she imagined.

Many women have seen themselves walk into their cul-de-sac and everywhere seems blurry with no ray of light or hope. But you need to know that the life we live is not ours and it is certain that he who owns it will clear your doubts and confusion and steady your gaze in a transforming path.

The flower may be trampled on but it will always blossom.

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