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Productivity is not about how long you work, it is about how much you work. In other words, it is not about how many hours you work; it is about how much you work in an hour.

You may have seen some people not only work but also enjoy in their office time in the same 8 hours. Some keep working all the time and still not able to produce results as expected.

There is not a single formula to become more productive. It is a combination of setting priorities, managing time, setting deadlines, and focusing only on work when you work.

Divide your day’s task into hours. Set what you want to achieve in the next hour. It is hard to focus 8 hours straight but you can focus hour by hour. Evaluate yourself after each hour so that you know where you are going. In that way, you don’t need to be panic at the end of the day. By then you already know you are on track or not. And the good news is you will be on the track.

There is one more way you may find it very useful. There are some of us who feel sleepy throughout the day. Sometimes it becomes a very long day to pass, especially if you don’t have much work to do today. But do not worry.

Hourly basis approach will not let you throw your day waste. You have to plan for each of your hours. If you do not have that much work, try spending some hour reading on your favourite subject. Try reading motivational and self-help articles, keep growing.

Try to plan something for the weekend. Join others with coffee and share your hourly basis approach. Share each other hourly reports. It will be fun. It will be more productive than you think.

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