Personal preferences differ from people to people. Individuals tend to go about their pursuit of life without a critical thinking or mapping out where they hope their activities will lead them. As much as we choose to embrace ‘Humbility’ — The tendency to make oneself look small in order to appear humble as coined by Steve Harris, We are all born as solution providers.

You might need to take a break and ask yourself. My business or job, gifts, skills, relationship, walk with God or activities that I am actively involved in, do they make me popular or worth-knowing? People go from relative obscurity to fame overnight. Be it through The voice, the Big Brother reality show, Diamond Bank’s Building Entrepreneur Today(BET), or personal life pursuit.

The paramount thing every wise woman must note is that life is like a jilted girlfriend in control of her emotions — She moves on quickly and Popularity is fleeting.

If nature were not beautiful, it wouldn’t be worth knowing and if nature was not worth-knowing, life wouldn’t be worth living.

—Henri Poincaré

On a second thought, if you have ever felt  inadequate or likeone who has made certain mistakes before. The truth is that, everybody does because we aren’t perfect, but if we didn’t make mistakes then we wouldn’t learn what not to do and how to improve ourselves. Don’t be someone who is well known for a mistake they made. Be someone who inspires people through their mistakes and becomes a person worth knowing.

You are worth knowing because you add beauty and value to everyone around you through the different areas of your life. So instead of striving to be popular, being worth-knowing looks a lot better. Considering where you are and what you do, what challenge will people around you have and the solution provider’s name that comes to their mind is yours?



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