Choices! That’s one thing humans will never be free from till they kiss mother earth goodbye. In sickness, health, poverty, wealth, life and even at the point of death, we are always going to make choices. We are caught up with making choices regardless of if we are conscious or not. When we are asleep we are saddled with the choice of either to wake up or hit the snooze button, When are shopping we are try to settle between buying a polka dotted tank top or a strapless floral top.

We are always going to be faced with situations where we are going to make choices and decisions. You need to note that where you are at the moment is not where you were yesterday. You are going to continue evolving till you cease to exist. It is a continuous process.

Lately, I was engrossed in a conversation with a friend who was uncertain if she had made the right decision to take the path she was treading on. She felt she should have left her job to pursue entrepreneurship. After going over all that had been happening over time, I  figured out that she was doing great but was not satisfied with where she was. It is normal for ‘success-hungry’ individuals, but that is not to say that you neglect your small victories – They actually birth the bigger victories.

I found her in a state where she dwelled more on comparing herself with other people. You are not supposed to be ashamed and feel regret about the choices and decisions you have made especially when you have had time to think these thoughts over. Your choices are all you have got , don’t be scared to make them.

Don’t  be skeptical about adapting to change that will better humanity and generate value. The World War 1 and American or even the Nigerian civil wars have long ended but there is one war that’s never going to end. Which is the ongoing war between your emotions and convictions. Choose to adapt to change, bring value to the table and leave the world better than you met it. You have so much goodness stuck in you, let it out.

There is a tiny voice deep down in you pleading for release, don’t drown it. 

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