There will come a moment when all that matters to you is that you experience growth, not comfort. When that time comes it will shake your world up. It will cause you to expand into areas of thought that you never thought possible. It will be liberating and isolating. It takes a special kind of person to resist comfort and to press into the unknown. The unknown is scary. It reveals your vulnerabilities and insecurities. The unknown is where you discover the layers of who you were created to be. If we are not careful we will see the unknown as a place where all we can do is survive. The survival mentality does not allow for you to glean the lessons this season is committed to teaching you.

I’m not sure what your unknown is. Perhaps you’ve just gotten a new job. Maybe you’re dealing with something in your relationship. For some of you, this may be the first time you’ve ever been alone. Don’t allow the uncertainty to make you shut down.  If you attempt to build walls when God is trying to tear your walls down you will end up stuck.

My prayer for you today is that God will teach you when to speak and how to listen. May every moment today holds be a teacher revealing knowledge and wisdom to you about life, purpose, confidence, and self-love. I have faith that our God will open your eyes and enlighten your soul to recognize the beauty in the unknown.

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