Bam bam who had the most unexpected and perhaps unceremonious eviction from the Big brother house has turned herself into a money-making mogul. The former housemate has made her first millions barely a month since her exit.

Her story has a thing or two to teach us all about the fall and the rise. It seemed as though she was one of the quieter, softer housemates and many scolded her for her inability to be decisive. She seemed, like most African youth who grow up with rigid parents to be unable to decide for herself what she wanted as she seemed to have been caught with trying to do what was right in the eyes of her parents and that of her own desires. But that, my friends, is not our focus. Here, I’m trying to highlight to you how unseemingly she appeared to have her docks, as they say, in a row.

Her eviction which was so shocking that she hadn’t even packed her bags left many wondering where to from there. Videos surfaced of her contesting on singing shows in the past and some of her acting with the general conclusion drawn that she would probably opt for something in the arts.

We’ve compiled some key lessons we can all learn from her story.


  1. The end is not the end until you decide it is.

Bam-bam could have so easily chosen to stay sad as any other human being would have due to the uneventful way in which she was told to take her leave. However, she shocked the nation by taking it in her stride.

Not every disappointment is meant to nail you down.

She instead got to work on creating a product with her brand name. Within 24 hours, she sold out. The only evicted housemate who has been able to make some money off her popularity.

   2.    Strategy is key

Bam-Bam waited till the eviction show was making the rounds before revealing that she had a new product in the pipelines. She revealed her new product and was able to create a countdown hours before the release ensuring that she kept her fans waiting with bated breath and increasing the awareness around her product launch. She also used clear and clean imagery as creatives for her product launch-tacky doesn’t sell. Her deliberate actions, one would say, led to her success. To achieve or hit a goal, we all need to have good strategy.

   3.   Just do it already

Bam-Bam has realised a trick that many perhaps may not be privy to. Popularity and fame: they come and go as easily as the wind blows. She was quick to make hay while the sun was still shinning. She didn’t wait to mull it over for too long when someone else would have stolen her idea. She just simply went ahead and did it!

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  1. Mamatee

    Bamike Olawunmi is blessed,it is obvious that she is favoured by God, I thought d act in d house will affect her but glad that she realised that GOD anger is for a moment and his mercy is forever. God almighty will continue to be gracious to you my baby girl 💜 💛 💚 ❤ 💙 💕

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