When you first become pregnant, your physician will tell you about all of the things that you should avoid. From taking in too much caffeine to avoiding certain physical activities, it can feel like the “What not to do” list drags on forever. What your physician generally won’t tell you, however, is about the people you should avoid. Surrounding yourself with the wrong individuals can make your pregnancy more stressful and traumatic than it needs to be. Here are ten people you’ll probably want to avoid while pregnant.

Negative Nancy

Some people are just plain old negative. Their minds naturally go to the worst-case scenario before they even consider the possibility of things going right. These are the people who can’t help but bring the possibility of health complications, birth defects, and maternal mortality anytime they’re in your presence. Pregnancy can be worrisome enough, so if at all possible, stay far away from people who are naturally negative.

The “doctor”

The “doctors” who earned their degrees from Google University are more annoying than they are harmful. Still, depending on your temperament and your threshold for nonsense, you may still want to avoid these folks and their unsolicited, inaccurate medical advice. Always check with your doula, midwife, or obstetrician before following any of their home remedies.

The person with no respect for physical boundaries

Some people have yet to receive the memo that you should always ask a pregnant person for permission before touching their stomach. There are some people that you can speak to about personal boundaries until you’re blue in the face and they still just don’t seem to get it.

The person with poor hygiene

Everything that they tell you about that heightened sense of smell during pregnancy is accurate. Your nose is super sensitive, which means offensive scents are more troubling than usual. If you know someone who doesn’t have the best hygiene practices, being around them can be particularly uncomfortable.

The know-it-all

We all know that one mom who swears that she knows any and everything there is to know about pregnancy and motherhood. While she can probably offer a wealth of knowledge on the subject, there’s something about her delivery and dismissive, condescending attitude that makes people not want to be around her.

The energy vampire

With the rising hormone levels paired with the fact that your life is about to change forever, pregnancy can be a highly emotional time. For this reason, it’s a good idea to avoid people who are emotionally draining. These are the people who seem to always bog you down with their emotional burdens or seem to be a constant source of conflict.

The newfound “friends”

As strange as it may sound, there are some people who have only taken interest in you because you’re expecting. You can usually spot these people because you’ve probably known them for quite some time, but they had virtually no interest in you until they learned that you were expecting. While a new baby can certainly bring people together, when it’s disingenuine, these relationships usually dissipate shortly after the baby is born. Save yourself the hurt feelings and peep game.

The self-centered people

We all know people who can only manage to focus on themselves. People with this personality type can even find a way to make your pregnancy about them. You can usually catch them complaining about the fact that they weren’t one of the first people to know about your pregnancy or some other trivial thing that means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Insensitive people

Not everyone will be able to fully understand the challenges of carrying a child, but that doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of showing compassion and empathy to someone as they literally grow another human. Sadly, there are some people who will make insensitive comments and imply that you are being dramatic or making excuses when you ask for certain accommodations.

Anyone who doesn’t wish you well

Even when it’s concerning a brand new life, some people will find a way to taint any occasion with negativity and nastiness. It’s best not to even engage with these people during a joyous time like this. Surround yourself with people who genuinely wish you well.


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