Everything moves so fast this days from the movement of cars to babies growing up to industrialisation of the once rural communities. Suffice me to say that every corner of the world is likened to an excited baby opening its innocent eyes to cast its stare on the beauty, the modern age has brought its way. There is a daily reason to gasp “Oh” and “Wow” with a look of astonishment on our faces. It is a beautiful thing and patience is a virtue. Patience? You wonder why I have to talk about it?

Patience is one virtue that will help you avert unnecessary heartache and avoidable mistakes. In recent times, there is so much rush in our day-to -day life. Your pretty observant self needs to understand that every industry or sector has its modus operandi . If you must scale the ladder of being at the helm of affairs in your chosen sector, you have to know the core of operations. Have you noticed the rapid rise of enterprises? And how soon they disappear into thin air? This is not a generalisation that this is the case of all enterprises or start-up that have closed down as there is a glaring interplay of other factors.

I want to be a CEO! You want to be a CEO! Everyone wants to be a CEO! But before we get ourselves seated on swivel chairs and enjoy that entrepreneurial right, here’s how to make it work:



Wear that clothe

Clothe? What clothe? Humility and patience ! Its a clothe every intending boss needs. Like a mother is humble and patient to discharge her duties to her baby, so do you . Be humble enough to learn from everyone you walk past the entrepreneurial path. You also have to be patient to learn valuable skills and its application. When you don’t see outputs coming forth even when you know you have done more than your best, wait it out.


What values do you bring to the table?

Values stand at the very core of your brand. Everyone appreciates value.  They’re the center from which everything radiates—including your brand’s look, message, and customer relationships. You need to work on that. You don’t want your business suffering because you lack value. Your clients will be loyal and open to trust you when you are all about value.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

-Michael LeBoeuf

Dynamics of your industry

Depending on the industry where you are engaged in, some sectors tend to be more dynamic than others. For example, the fashion industry is more dynamic than the manufacturing as new trends in their technicalities emerge on a daily basis. Study the systems and operations.


Research your competition

Who do you fall in the same league with? Who offers same products and services like you do? What are they doing to stay on track that I am not doing? How do I implement innovations so as not to be written of?


Personnel and operations management 

The recruitment or hiring of personnel has to be done with caution so as to avoid the wrong category of people. Mark out a strategy on how the operations should play out. Marketing is a crucial aspect that can not be left to suffer .

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