These days, we are all so engrossed in enhancing our careers with one end in mind – to make ends meet or in other words, provide for our families. We want to give our kids the best life has to offer and we work our bum off as we try to achieve this.

However, these kids we are working so hard to provide for, do we REALLY know them? What are their favourite movies? What do they like to eat? How are they doing in school? Are they mentally sound? Are they going through any hard time? Is anyone bullying them in school? Are they already developing those “emotions” for the opposite sex?

The most important question is – IS YOUR CHILD YOUR FRIEND?

You can only get the true answers to the above-mentioned questions and even more when your child is indeed your friend.  Spend time with your kids. Build a relationship with them. Do not be their parents and provider only…be their friends, someone they can talk to and confide in. Help them with their home works.

Be actively involved in their lives – go for their music concerts; go for their football matches; be there for them at every opportunity they get to live out their talents.  Show interests in their hobbies, activities, likes, dislikes. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these.

Make memories.

Do not leave these tasks to the domestic staffs. No matter how helpful they are, they are not meant to take your roles as parents of these kids. You are not merely an ATM machine whose job is to work, work and do more work so you provide money for the bills to be paid.

Since the arrival of your kids into your life, your priorities changed and your kids take prominence. They are your responsibilities. Be their friends and not just parents. Only then can they trust you to let them into their world rather than see you as an autocratic boss that just dictates to them.

Walk the talk of love you profess to them. Be there for them. Help them grow to become people of virtues; people of integrity. Contrary to what you might think, there isn’t time because your kids grow up so fast.


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