Motherhood is an attribute you were created with. You have that role as a mother in the lives of all you meet whether as a sister, friend, girlfriend, cousin, niece, or wife. The role you play in the growth and development of the world, in whatever capacity, is indispensable.

As a woman, you play an essential and vital role in the world. If it wasn’t so, you wouldn’t have been created. Adam could have had a fellow man as his companion but no, God created woman. The woman is a whole bunch of talents, gifts, and surprises. No matter how soft she may look, her strength is beyond compare when she puts her mind to whatever she is doing.

So, never tarnish the beauty of your soul. You are a very significant creature of God with great duties and responsibilities to carry out. And carry them out, you must.

Every seed implanted in the womb of a woman signifies yet another great life to be born. No one fell from heaven. Everyone on earth is born of a woman. The breast of a woman is suckled and her hands nurtured every suckling, every child to be a fine man or woman today.

Every great man today; everyone who sits on the seat of authority, be it the class prefect in schools (nursery, primary, secondary), class representative in the University, teachers, CEOs of companies, governors, senators, presidents, kings, etc., is to a large extent, a product of his exposure to life.

It is what a woman feeds into the souls of her children that makes them who they are. If a woman feeds a child with anger, hate, evil, so will he grow to be. If such a child is fed with the opposite – forgiveness, love, good, so will he be too.

In the life of every man on earth, there has been the touch of a woman be it morally, spiritually, psychologically, mentally and otherwise. Even those who are motherless have also experienced the touch of a woman, relatives or not.

For you to produce great leaders and kings of nations and kingdoms, you have to be a woman of greatness; a woman of virtue; a woman of beauty. You cannot give what you do not have. Look deep within yourself and ask yourself: “What qualities do I possess?”, “What virtues do I have?”

For you to be great; for you to leave a legacy behind; for you to leave positive footprints in the sands of time, you have to live a life that is worth all these. You are an embodiment of virtue.

Your beauty is astonishing. Your radiance is infectious. You illuminate the path you walk on for others to follow. You are a woman. You are awesome. Even man knows this and appreciates your beauty and that is why someone said, “When a guy tells you that you’re hot, he is looking at your body. When a guy tells you that you are pretty, he is looking at your face. When a guy tells you that you are beautiful, he is looking at your heart”.

How do you want to be complimented? Hot? Pretty? or Beautiful?

Think about this.

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