Networking is defined as the act of making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups and institutions to develop mutually beneficial relationships or to access and share information. Networking is held to be of great professional value for ambitious individuals and organizations; it is seen as goal-directed behaviour which occurs both inside and outside of an organization, focused on creating, cultivating, and utilizing interpersonal relationships.

A great networker is always enthusiastic about work and the company they represent. When they walk into a room there is a sudden change in the atmosphere, they are most the time friendly and jovial. They show passion when helping clients with a product or service and they have pride in the organisation they represent.

Below are 4 signs to know if you are a great networker:

You have multiple circles of friends

If you pick up friends from every phase of your life ranging from school, university, childhood, church, work etc and your social circle isn’t confined to just one group then this is a sign that your networking skills might just be top-notch. On an average, a person has just 5 close friends but If you find it easy selecting the perfect friend or group for a particular event or occasion then it could mean that you have a way with people and in turn are a great networker

You bump into someone you know wherever you go

When you go to the mall, amusement park, on your way to get a bus, at work, music festival or just walking down the street you always seem to end up seeing someone/people you know; or it is really a small world for you so you are never really surprised running into people anymore because it seems normal this could be another sign.

You genuinely love meeting new people

Networking is about meeting people, striking up conversations, getting people to be friendly with you and creating mutual relationships. If you are always excited about going to events, meeting new people and building relationships then you might just be a good networker. Another name for people like this is known as ‘people person’ because you are always chatty, curious about learning and discovering shared views.

You are generous and love to help

If most of your colleagues run to you whenever there is a situation or when in need of a contact, be it a client, partner, or third party service, then it’s a clear indication that you an awesome networker!

What other traits do you think great networkers possess? Kindly drop them in the comment section.


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