While waiting at the immigration office the other day to collect my passport, I noticed that there were officers especially those who had this charisma around them that spelt, “high ranking” moving about with one or two people tagging along side and this got me thinking….

These people are only tagging along because this person has something to offer – help to smooth things along for them. Been placed in a position to render assistance got these officers flooded by crowds of people. No one wanted to stay in line for the long wait. Everyone wanted to be sorted out as fast as possible.

“If only these people can be organized and let these officers call out the names to everyone’s hearing, the process would move fast,” I grumbled silently.

In my observation, I realised that these officers that people were running after for help were in that position only because they made something of themselves and their lives. If they had not gone through the training and education that made them relevant to others, who would flock them?

Same goes for everyone in all professions. We all have relevance to the society by virtue of what we become. These officers dared to take risks, go through it all – the pains and struggles to eventually wear that uniform that has put them in a position of relevance.

In what way have you been able to put yourself in that position of significance which would cause people to value not only your person but what you do? We are each blessed with different skills and talents which if put to great use, would greatly elevate us but we choose to remain within our comfort zone and not push for more.

You can’t settle for mediocrity all your life. You can be more than where you are now and NO, it’s not you building castles in the air or dreaming too big but instead, you are striving to make the most of your potentials.

Your dreams become laughable if they are not practicable. Although people may not understand you initially, that shouldn’t stop you from owning your dreams and goals. Succeed first and you would be amazed at the crowd of people that would happily want to be associated with you.

I am guessing not all of the officers in that Immigration office had it easy at the beginning. Some may have been doubted but today, after all the hard work, smart work and perseverance, they are highly sought after because their relevance is recognised.

Don’t kill your dreams because no one understands what you want to become. I always say, if a man can be placed on the moon, then no dream no matter how crazy it may seem, can’t be realised.


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