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Hair today, gone tomorrow is the new way women are making powerful statements.

Scrolling through my instagram feed today, I noticed that Tamar Braxton, sister of musical legend, Toni Braxton and quite the successful songstress herself, has gone bald.

The caption read: “finally free” as she posted a video of herself getting her hair cut. Tamar Braxton is only one of many celebrities who have recently done the big chop and are spotting the new bald look. You know what they say about a woman who chops off her hair, she’s about to dominate the world.

Tamar Braxton who has recently been in the headlines owing to her impending divorce from her husband and ex-manager, Herbert has seemingly been going through a really tough time so this could be the new change she needed.

In her new look debut on Instagram, she also likened her need for wigs to imprisonment and supposed beauty standards that have been set by society:

I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell…even my OWN feelings! WE can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts TODAY

In India Arie’s words, Tamar is not her hair and we have to say we’re loving the new look! We’d also love to point out that black panther may just have equally inspired this budding interest in going bald as the Dora Milaje characters in the movie all sported bald heads and they were a symbol of power and strength in the movie.

Maybe Baldie is the new Fro after all. Would you try it?

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✂️ finally free

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