The tech era has the charm of its own with the obvious offering, “applications”. And, you would be delighted to know that the female-friendly side of the tech is worth embracing. Why not have a round-up of all these apps? We have summed up some of the best apps that are making women life easier.

Workout for women

Workout for Women

The workout app is perfect for women. It offers a perfect blend of cardio and bodyweight exercises. It lets you exercise at the home with the utmost comfort. Do the squats, tone your body and probably do every exercise with the right guidance from it. The bossy orders from it won’t let you sit down while performing the sessions. This makes the app perfect for those who have a lazy nature when it comes to workouts.

Available for iOS and Android


The standard notepad that comes with your smartphone just doesn’t cut it. Looking for an upgrade? Evernote is the super notepad that allows you to keep text, voice, and photo notes accessible from any desktop or device.

Available for iOS and Android


For all our independent women, Mint is a total lifesaver. The app allows you to organize your finances by pulling your investments, credit card bills, bank accounts, and expenses into one interface. Mint constantly crushes the numbers to ensure that you never fall into debt, make a late payment, or let your credit score slip.

Available for iOS and Android


Audible is the perfect app for intelligent women on the go. Brush up on your literature and keep your mind sharp while commuting to work, running errands, driving, or simply hanging around the house. The app is free, but the platform functions on a monthly membership.

Available for iOS and Android

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