There is nothing as beautiful and fulfilling when one knows his/her purpose in life. It makes life more meaningful, interesting and it puts you on a path towards an aimed goal. Sometimes, in expressing who we really are, as women,…… our freedom, individuality and creativity, makes us somewhat susceptible.

The reason being that for us to truly express ourselves in these gifts, we need space, we need the opportunity to attain and maximise our potentials to the fullest. If we weren’t meant to be more than the roles we play in the life of men – mother, lover, wife, sister and friend, then we wouldn’t have been blessed with gifts, talents and capabilities that make us more than all these.

We each are our own person and was created to be so much more than these mentioned roles. We were created to be a gift to man; a gift to the world. Paul Zacharia, in his foreword, “The woman’s quest for self” in the book, FEMININE SPIRITUALITY, said, “Their life as envisaged by a man-controlled world fills their individual existences with so much multitasking that they often, so to say, forget to live….”

Just as every creature differs in their own unique way, women are no exception. Our femininity is unique and when blossomed, the world is in awe of it. We are a lot deeper than we appear and because of these already set “rules” in the world, we tend to hold back and not give our all to live life to the fullest.

Thankfully, this mindset is gradually phasing out as more and more women begin to realise their self-worth and how much more they can be.

How special is woman to the heart of God that His only son, Jesus had to come through the womb of a woman wherein His human nature began? Like every child nestled in the womb of the mother, Jesus listened to the lullaby of His mother’s heart and oneness with her soul made them (mother and son) share a bond which is so special and so out of this world.

No matter how deeply expounded, no other being than the woman has the unique ability to be the principal and basic carrier of life’s seed. This experience of being a vessel through which another life is born into the world cannot be overemphasized and the experience in itself, each and every time, is awe-inspiring.

The son of God, like every baby, suckled, nursed and slept at His mother’s breast, hence relishing the profundity of human love and the caress of motherly love; a bond that is irreplaceable in this world. Why didn’t the son of God come to the world by some other means other than through a woman?

The charge of the continuity of the creative function was assigned by God to woman hence, the makeup of woman – biological, physical, spiritual, mental, psychological etc., is such that “the life energy that was specially formed within her was able to bring forth life and foster it” – Dr Rosy Thampy.

In playing the roles of daughter, lover, friend, wife, mother etc., we are a heavenly and delightful experience that though in one body, has the talent of displaying as several. We are a blessing.

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