She wiped the tears from her eyes as her mother dragged her along. “We can’t leave our tree here for him” She whimpered. “Ssssh, we can always grow another one” Her mother hushed her.  Laide had tried to gather the fund to pay for her rent but she could not just meet up with the deadline that the landlord had given to her. As a single mother with a meagre paying job, it was difficult for her to keep up with taking care of herself and her five-year-old daughter.

The new compound was bigger and more ambient than all the places they had ever lived in. Fifteen-year-old Temi pushed the red gate open and entered the compound. She was back home from the boarding house, her mother helped her carry her other luggage. She got close to the garden to behold the tall well-groomed Leyland Cypresses and smiled.

“Mum,  I can’t believe the trees are so grown now. I shouldn’t have cried then” She chuckled. Laide drew her in a warm embrace.

The society is so much attracted to ready-made materials and forget that everything started from the scratch. It is important to accord reverence to the seed even as we stand in awe of the tree. Nothing happens overnight. Every achievement is as a result of work inputted over time. It is sad that we live in a world where the end justifies the means but have it at heart that there is nothing as graceful as your humble beginnings. Your little efforts will in no time avail much.

Popular Hollywood actor, Wesley Snipes is quoted to have said that “People pray for a cake but when the Almighty give them eggs, oil, butter, batter, a pan and an oven they get frustrated then leave the kitchen.” Don’t fall into this category. Input your best resources and be expectant of your season of harvest.

There is dignity in labour!

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