Business in these past few months have not been as usual since the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anifam Muvemba is one African woman who is revamping her business and industry in a futuristic way. She singlehandedly changed the fashion game.

The Congolese founder of fashion label Hanifa, was looking forward to holding her first runway show at New York Fashion Week this year but this didn’t happened. So she is using 3D runway models to raise awareness on Congolese cobalt miners.

Anifa Mvuemba gave a preview of what catwalks might look like in a post-pandemic world with a collection using virtual models.

Mvuemba released the latest collection for her fashion brand, @hanifaofficial, on Instagram live. During the show, the digital models sashayed down the runway with the designer’s outfits draped on headless, three-dimensional bodies.
The Pink Label Congo collection featured pants and dresses in vibrant colours and was described as the future of runway fashion by spectators. Mvuemba said during the launch that each of the outfits represents Congo, the central African country where she is from.

“I am so intentional about everything I do with this collection,” she said. “If you’re African then you know about African seamstresses and how detail is so important and the colour is so important and prints are so important. I really just wanted to use that in this collection, just to give tribute to African seamstresses,” Mvuemba said during the launch on her Instagram page.

Mvuemba is leading the example of being innovative in her industry.

Hey Sis, how are you changing your business game in these times?

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