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There is nothing as beautiful and fulfilling when one knows his/her purpose in life. It makes life more meaningful, interesting and it puts you on a path towards an aimed goal.

In celebration of the International Women’s Day this year, the hashtag, #Balanceforbetter emerged to promote Gender equality.

The term, “Women Empowerment,” which has become a household name today, is not for the woman to struggle for power or class with her male counterpart but an opportunity for her potentials, just like his, to flow out and be utilized to the benefit of humanity and the glory of the God.

Women have come to understand that they are created for a lot more than just rearing children and doing family chores. Understanding this, we are determined to make the most of our abilities. Though different from the ways and attitudes of man, we are not conflicting but complementary.

This is to say that man and woman are complementary and irrespective of gender, no one should be looked down on as it is dishonourable and degrading.

If she wasn’t meant to be more than the roles she plays in the life of man – mother, lover, wife, sister and friend, then she wouldn’t have been blessed with gifts, talents and capabilities that make her more than all these.

So to all you women out there in the world, this little write-up is just a gentle aide-memoire  to remind you again how amazing, incredible, wonderful, charming, graceful, dazzling, beautiful, gorgeous and remarkable you are and to the men, to make you hark back to memory, what a priceless treasure you have in that gorgeous, elegant, alluring, exquisite, elegant mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, and friend.


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