So, it all went down this past weekend in a display of elegance, grace and poise where celebrities, top influencers and the kings and divas of the movie industry stepped out in style in varying attires of fashion beauty, at the AMVCA awards. One doesn’t need a soothsayer to understand the kind of preparations every one of these stars put behind their appearance.

Irrespective of your status or even social ranking, an event like the AMVCA awards is not one to attend with the “usual” kind of fashion sense. While some may go the extra mile to make big fashion statements, it all finally comes down to the basics of all – less is more.

For some of the best and beautifully dressed at the event, it was about simplicity and grace.

Dakore Akande courtesy Maestro’s Media

Ceece courtesy Nairaland Forum

         Bisola Aiyeola courtesy Stella Dimoko

In this era, where modesty has been flung out the window, it takes more than the external physique for great women to dress appropriately. Your dress or fashion appearance is your way of inviting the kind of crowd that surrounds you.

Your external outfit only goes to show your beauty within because it is how you dress that reflects how you feel about yourself. Don’t always see the need to go almost naked just because you want to be addressed as beautiful.

Beauty is a thing of the heart. Women can be addressed as pretty or attractive but a woman is truly called beautiful when her character is displayed on her external irrespective of whatever attire she wears. Let your personality and not your “display of skin” be what attracts people to you.

Do not trade your beauty for pretty or cute, but let the world see beyond all that and appreciate you for who you really are – A BEAUTIFUL YOU


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