Contrary to the popular saying that “Ignorance is bliss”, I dare say it isn’t. It is a prison. It is a hideous mask that prevents all things of beauty and life from coming your way. It is a shackle that cuffs your hands and feet to the pole of limitation.

With ignorance, you can never know what you truly are capable of doing and you can never maximize your potentials. You are limited in every way while you delude yourself into thinking that you are living your life fully. Ignorance keeps you in the dark. It shuts out every avenue for light to come into your life and just keeps you, hostage. 

Knowledge is never hidden from us. It is all around us if only we allow ourselves to perceive it and open our minds to learn. There is indeed so much we can learn from – a little child playing, the gentility of the breeze across our faces, a flowing stream, droplets of rain, etc.

Another wonderful and unlimited resource of knowledge is books. In books, you find answers to questions and even solutions to problems. You do realize that there is nothing new under the sun, right? There is nothing we go through now that is new. It has happened before, sometime in the past.

In books, you find answers and a pool of knowledge waiting for you to explore it. Once you develop a habit of reading at least a chapter of a book each day, your mind is bound to expand and your perception of life would change. We have been given the gift of free will…. an opportunity to make choices in life. We have been blessed with the capacity to think and make decisions for ourselves.

Education exposes us to life before, around and within us. Knowledge isn’t just acquiring degrees or certificates from courses. In fact, knowledge is more than this. It is our understanding of a particular situation either through experience or education.

In knowledge, the beauty of life is shown to you. 

In knowledge, the grace of God is known to you.

In knowledge, you get a better understanding of life.

In knowledge, you are best able to exercise your rights to your life.

In knowledge, you are celebrated. 

In knowledge, you become a success.

In knowledge, you recognize opportunities for wealth.

You can only be ignorant if you choose to be. Knowledge is out there for you to seek and acquire it as you deem fit. Equip yourself now and go make the most of your life. You have no excuse not to make it in life because of ignorance.

Keep yourself abreast of situations and what’s going on around you. It is only when you know that you would know how to act. You are created for so much more.

PHOTO CREDIT: Negromanosphere

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