In a time where Nigeria’s hardship has inflated and its international image wrecked continuously by notorious Nigerians in the diaspora; it is rather surprising to find a citizen barely in the middle class live an honest life. But this is the case of Charity Bassey a cleaner at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja Lagos who found a nylon containing $6,000 approximately 2 million naira and returned to security officials at the terminal.

According to Charity who was on duty at the departure wing, a passenger drew her attention to something inside the toilet which she picked and felt it to be bundles of note. She immediately took this missing item to the customer care department where she was given a glove to wear in order to bring out whatever content contained in the nylon; it was at this point she discovered that they were 60 pieces of $100 dollars in it.

She further added that this was not her first time coming across missing items as she had returned items like wallets, phones, small bags and even money in the past. To her, doing her job diligently, truthfully with a clear conscience is all that matters.

Managing Director of Lakewood Development Company, Sam Nchezor aired his utmost pleasure with this act saying the management was happy with her positive attitude and is set to appreciate this gesture.

Some others would have picked the money and walked away, she can’t be traced to it. What could only happen is to indict everybody working there, but we thank her for her honesty, for picking up the money and handing it over to the management of ASL. We are going to compensate her, give her some money and also increase her salary. It is left for the management of ASL and Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to reward her. We are proud of her. He told The Guardian

In 2014, a similar even occured where an airport cleaner, Josephine Agwu, found N12 million inside the airport toilet  and returned it. She was praised and later received cash gifts for her honest act.


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