Just take a look around you.

There is so much going on in the world that could make you feel left out in your career or business. You think everyone is a genius and you are probably not. But then, you you think you don’t have those record-breaking ideas and what not. Guess what? Everyone is a genius and super hero of her kind. All you need to do is turn on your light bulb moment.

Lightbulb moments are those sudden strokes of inspiration that we usually think of as being experienced by scientists, mathematicians, and famous inventors: Isaac Newton getting hit on the head with an apple, sparking the theory of gravity, and so on. Oftentimes, the retelling of such “a ha” moments feels closer to myth than reality. Could one spark of genius really change your life?

Take a Moment of Leisure

Try Mind Mapping

Write down an ideal on a piece of paper — a problem you’re facing, an interesting topic, anything at all — and branch that idea to as many other ideas as you can think of. The resulting visualization allows you to see the initial idea in new ways, with connections and associations between disparate areas that you might not have considered.

Take a Shower

Aside from its hygienic value, taking a shower is an opportunity to let your mind rest, and, more importantly, daydream. As the Business of Introverts attests, lightbulb moments happen when you allow your imagination to wander. Showering just so happens to be a regular part of everyone’s day — use that creative space, free from distractions, to your advantage.

Learn from Failure

Forbes tells the story of Lee Murphy, whose seemingly successful construction company failed after encountering a cash-flow problem. To avoid financial missteps in future endeavors, he enrolled in an accounting course. In the process, he realized that many small business owners run into nearly identical cash flow issues, because they aren’t aware of financial best practices. Murphy’s failed risk turned into a golden insight — that he could help other small businesses avoid financial ruin — which he then turned into a highly successful venture called The Accountancy Partnership. Great ideas are born of experience.


Meditation can be as simple as sitting in a quiet place and focusing on your breathing for 30 minutes. In this state of spiritual reposal, your mind will be clear — and much more receptive to lightbulb moments.

Break Your Patterns

Oftentimes, introducing variation into your day can offer a fresh perspective. Shake up your daily routine: take a new route on your commute, make an effort to spot interesting architecture along your walk, or even brush your teeth with the opposite hand. What’s important is that you routinely open yourself up to new perspectives and, hence, new possibilities for action. You never know — the smallest spark, when actualized, could become the flame that ignites your imagination.

We are waiting to hear the tale of your a ha! moment

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