The Choluteca bridge is a 484-meter-long bridge built over the river Choluteca in Honduras, in Central America in 1996. As the region was notorious for storms and hurricanes, it was decided to build this solid bridge that can withstand extreme weather conditions caused by the powerful forces of nature. The bridge was opened to the public in 1998 and indeed, it was a solid bridge worth the admiration of the people.

However, in October of ’98, Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras, 75 inches of rain in four days equivalent of what they received in six months. The hurricane resulted in not only the loss of over 7,000 lives but all the bridges in Honduras was destroyed except the Choluteca bridge. This solid bridge although remained unaffected, the road leading to it and leaving it were swept away but the funniest thing was that the flooding caused by the heavy rainfall forced the river Choluteca to change its course so that the river now flowed beside the bridge and not under it. So while the solid bridge stood solid in all its glory, it came to nothing because it had become a bridge leading to nowhere and over nothing.

If there is one thing the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us, it’s that the world constantly changes and we are supposed to adapt to it. As humans, adaptability should be one of our features so that we can easily blend into whatever transformation the world decides to take and evolve with it. Let us not be like the Choluteca bridge which is now useless despite the number of resources, time, energy and effort put to make it one solid bridge.

Many physical office spaces are still closed down as some companies allow their staffs to keep working from home. As against physical meetings, virtual meetings, teleconferences and video conferencing have become the order of the day, irrespective of location. During the lockdown, everyone stayed connected via the power of the internet. All those who were not internet-friendly before had to step up to learn to use some basic tools so they could relevant. Social media platforms became our playground, meeting venues, hangout spots etc.

While trying to upgrade yourself and stay relevant, remember to give room for flexibility. Problems tend to be dynamic and can take up different forms. Needs may change. The market could change just like the hurricane changed the course of the river Choluteca. You too should be ready to change course to follow these changing trends. Let adaptability be one of your key features so that life changes don’t catch you unawares.

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