It is refreshing to see women take up high positions in the corporate world. It is important to have a guide on how to navigate the corporate world. There is no one-size fit for all but, the importance of having good corporate etiquette cannot be overemphasized.

Corporate etiquette can be termed a way of exhibiting socially acceptable behaviour in business relationships. It  can be referred to as interpersonal relationships or people skills in which all employees must possess to interact with one another and to capture the target audience of the organisation.

Here are a few tips for the woman in the corporate world to improve her corporate etiquette skills

Follow Common Courtesy

Courtesy should never be checked out of your attitude. Common courtesies such as speaking to your colleagues politely, saying thank you and excuse me when needed, avoiding annoying people with loud ringtones or music. If you haven’t been doing this, start doing them now.

Give and Take Respect

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Be respectful towards your clients, boss, seniors, co-workers and subordinates. Never forget to thank or appreciate the person who helped you out. While at this remember to draw the line between your professional and private line.

Exhibit Rational Personality

This very important because you will be faced with several challenges that will test your patience, be calm and handle such situations because there is no magic pill to erase them.

Punctuality isn’t overrated

This is one of the highest forms of discipline that must be maintained at the workplace. Punctuality is a wonderful trait of a person, it ultimately shows you have respect for people and time.

In the fast-paced and highly competitive world, we are in, it is important to enhance your corporate etiquette skills to build long-term relationships with clients and co-workers.


What corporate etiquette have you been observing and which do you think should be added?



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