Hair care shouldn’t only be limited to the natural hair girls whose seem to always be fussing about feeding their hair the right nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and to aid growth. It’s for you and I too; the rebels who have refused to follow in the hair trend and who continue to relax our hair against better judgement.

With the aid of this 3 step-guide from essence magazine, we might just be able to still care for our hair against the negative effects of the chemicals we feed it every now and then.

Keep It Clean

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp—plain and simple! Our scalp is the foundation of our hair growth; therefore, it should be in the best condition. A flaky, oily, itchy scalp is no environment for healthy hair or hair growth. The scalp requires attention, just like our ends, so a consistent scalp routine is essential for maintaining a healthy scalp. Here are a few tips to get your scalp in tip-top shape!

There’s nothing like a fresh clean scalp. To maintain a fresh clean scalp I wash my hair and scalp every 3-4 days. I know it may seem like a lot, but removing products, sweat and build up allows my new growth to grow without any inhibitions. Avoid applying mineral oil and petrolatum ingredients directly on your scalp as they can form a barrier over the scalp hindering your new growth.

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Scalp Massages Anyone?

Hot oil treatments, essential oils and massages equals scalp heaven! Massaging your scalp with natural and essential oils like peppermint and rosemary will stimulate the hair follicles, remove toxins and increase blood flow. Take your time and really massage your scalp, rubbing the pads of your fingers firmly against your head in small circular motions. Your scalp will thank you!

Protect It From Relaxers
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Protect It From Relaxers

It’s important to base your scalp prior to relaxing to prevent burning or any irritation. I like to use a thick oil like castor oil to base my scalp. It lubricates and forms a protective barrier on my scalp. I never ever get burns or irritations because of this simple tip!

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