It wouldn’t be a miss if we described Lyn Slater as a real life cinderella only what’s missing is a pair of glass heels.

Lyn Slater’s story is that of the modern-day Cinderella but with a twist. It is also an inspiration of how age is nothing but a number and you shouldn’t allow it get into the way of your journey on becoming the best version of you.

Lyn Slater, a professor of trade at Fordham University as changed the narrative that only millennial can dominate the fashion world and fashion blogging alike. The 64-year-old happens to be one of the most popular  fashion influencers on Instagram, with over 300,000 followers. The fashion-forward professor became a known name in fashion totally by accident just as her blog site and her Instagram handle implies “accidental icon”.

The 64-year-old university professor and social work has put to rest all stereotypes about how women in their sixties should dress or how they have no business on the gram. Her journey in the fashion world was a case of mistaken identity and the case of being at the right place at the right time. Slater was dressed in a Yohji Yamamoto suit and carrying a Chanel bag during the 2017  New York Fashion week when photographers began to surround her, assuming she must be one of the top fashion icons given the high fashion look about her.

Slater rose to prominence as her picture began to appear everywhere, while Slater wasn’t anyone in the fashion industry at the time, now she certainly is.

I hope this story gives you all the motivation you need today. You can be all that you set your mind to do, if Slater can go from being a professor to a fashion blogger and icon at 64, you have no excuse!

Dream big and put in the work. Strive to become all that you can be. It won’t be easy because life is  filled with highs and lows that will test your resilience, the only true way to overcome, is to view it all as a learning curve.

Don’t ever half-do anything, either show up and be unforgettable or go home and be a forgotten memory – Victoria Parham

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