I recently had an encounter with a really successful woman and she made a bold statement that stopped me in my tracks.

The ability to do it afraid is what differentiates the haves and the have-nots.

It was a deeply insightful conversation about fear and how it is greatly crippling.

She gave an example and used me in her illustration. She said: My dear, you’ve told me about this idea for a while now. You’ve been meaning to start but for some odd reason, you keep stalling. Do you know that someone else in another environment, maybe with even less opportunities is thinking the same thing? The difference between you both however is that she might start before you and in a split second, your idea will become obsolete; no longer relevant and the world moves on.

She went further to say: One of the most fantastic things about your generation is the pace at which things move. There’s accessibility to networks that we never had in our day. However, it can also be cumbersome as you’re forced to move at that pace. There’s no room for slowing down or having a bad week, a bad month. Competition is stiff so you have to move with the program.

How best do I then fight fear? I quietly asked as she scolded:

She gave three steps which I’d like to share today.


  1. Get comfortable with failure

“I am more afraid than I care to admit but I have started so many ventures that have failed that I have seen that if failure is the only thing I have to be afraid of, it isn’t as bad as people make it seem”

She went further to explain that this didn’t mean failure was a goal or that it meant to rest on your laurels. It meant that sometimes, even when we do our best, it just might not be good enough due to unforeseen contingencies much bigger than our abilities and we need to be ok with that and keep pressing forward.

      2. Involve God

  God and your business should not be mutually exclusive

Ask before leaping. He knows the future so He knows when you should jump and when to hold back. Ask before making any decisions, His Holy Spirit is ever ready to lead. Trust and Ask.


    3. Talk about it less and when you do, pick carefully

Sometimes, people don’t start business ventures because they’re talking about it too often. They’re involving people in their decision making who don’t want their best interests at heart and before they know it, naysayers would have pulled them back.

Involve only those you’re certain would offer wise counsel or those who would cheer you on as you go along. That list should be very short.

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