It is incredibly disturbing that in 2018 we are still having to go through the uncomfortable occurrence of university lecturers luring their students into their beds for the price of higher grades. However, this is our reality.

A piece of news made the rounds yesterday about a professor demanding sex in trade for better grades  from a female student in Obafemi Awolowo University. This student had leaked the voice note and it was quick to go viral.

Ever since the occurrence, various opinions are being aired. It will be important to note that male lecturers asking female student for sex has nothing to do with how intellectually sound the student is. If we will be completely honest, it has absolutely nothing to do with the student but everything to do with the lecturers reducing female students to nothing but an object of sex gratification.

It is so heartbreaking that after we’ve vehemently fought for the girl child’s education and gender equality in Nigeria we still send the female child to school in fear of being sexually harassed or assaulted. However, if you are a girl child and you happen to find yourself in this type of horrible situation, here are four polite ways to turn down such lecturers without receiving backlash.

Politely but firm No

Some lecturers will always find means of inviting you their office to bring up such discussions, when such situations arises make sure you stand your ground and firmly say No. Say it confidently and without a smile, refuse to be intimidated and say No as often as the discussions is brought up.

Always postpone appointments 

Where discussions regarding sex gratifications usually take place is in the office, and before the lecturer starts coming up with suggestions such as meeting in hotel rooms, give him cogent reasons as to why you will be unavailable.

Fake Menstrual Cycle and Menstrual pain

As soon as you realise the reason why your lecturer is calling is to sexually harass you fake your menstrual cycle and menstrual pain. That should deter him


Prayer changes everything. Go on your knees and pray. Report that lecturer to God and let him handle the situation.


It is important to note that where serious and really threatening, please report to the appropriate University authorities or the police.


We’re hoping that some day soon, these type of pieces will become obsolete and there will be no need to guard our girls’ bodies, especially in an institution which proclaims to dish out knowledge.




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