We all make decisions whether we like it or not. Today’s society and reality are absolutely based on the collective decisions of all humans. We have created what exists because we’ve made different decisions which led us where we are today. You see, everything in this world works under the spells of the cause and effect principle.

Every cause has its effect. Nothing escapes from this rule. Whenever you have a thought (the cause), you’re building much higher chances of manifesting that thought in the physical plane of action. When you apply that thought, the effect is present. Always.

When there is a conflict inside your mind as a consequence of making a bad decision, it’s obvious that you’ve already acknowledged that decision as being bad. Therefore, you’ll have to deal with it.

However, in most cases, people make up their own problems. Sometimes there are no problems, no bad decisions, no bad thinking – it’s just thinking, just decisions, just challenges (not problems). That is exactly why you need to reassess your decision from different angles and perspectives before associating it with adjectives like “bad” or “wrong”.

In case the decision truly was wrong and you’ve already experienced or witnessed the effects of your initial decision, it really pays off well to know how to get away from the negative impact. We need to minimize the damage that’s been made, and we need to do it quickly before it sucks up more of our nerves and energy.

People are not really affected by what’s happening to them. In fact, they’re affected by their perception of the things that happen. When you make a bad decision, you automatically associate it with something in your mind. Instead see it as an opportunity for growth.

Emotions come and go. Things are done and then they’re forgotten. People get born and then they die. You see, nothing stays in one place.

Every situation is a phase and it will pass.

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