The process of applying your eyeliner is almost the same as staying in a relationship. Did you just ask why? Girl, the level of patience required to stay in this two is on a 100. You and I know that there comes a time where you need advice in your relationship, same applies with your makeup application.

Here are tips on how to apply your eyeliner like a pro:

Don’t line your eyes with a dull liner rather use a sharp one:

Make sure your eye pencil is well sharpened. Always go around with your eye pencil-sharpener so you can be rest assured the liner is being applied exactly where and how you want it to. The goal with eyeliner is precision, and trying to line your eye with a flat tip won’t leave you with a smooth, even application.

Don’t make your liner thicker on one side:

If your liner gets thicker on one side build the other one up to match. If both end up being too thick, take some of the liner away with a precision tip cotton swab dipped in oil-based makeup remover.

Don’t line your lower lid with liquid eyeliner:

Only use waterproof pencil on the lower lash line, you don’t want your liner dripping down your face.

Stop doing your winged eyeliner in a rush

Avoid being late to brunch, work, or anywhere by using the angle of your lower lash line as a guide for your flick. Then, place a dot at the outer corner of each eye before using your liquid liner to make sure the sides match up.

Stop pulling your eyelid out too tightly to apply liner

When you pull your eyelids out too tightly to apply your liner, when you release your skin, the line won’t come out as sharply as you intended for it too. Rather look the opposite way when applying your eye makeup to make your lids more taut.

Remove all your eye makeup completely:

The last on my list but as important as the first. The best way to apply your eye makeup is to start on a clean canvas. Make sure you clear away any residue from your previous makeup by using a precision tip cotton swab doused in an oil-based remover.

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