8 Work-Appropriate Clothes Every Woman Should Own

Women have always had the bigger and better wardrobe option than men through time because they have more clothes items, and are free to play with colors. When it comes to work dress,  however, many women tend to have a little bit of a problem fitting the wildness they’d usually go for with the more subtle measures of the office setting. Also, working women have always been criticized and objectified because of what they wear, a fact that makes picking an outfit a bit more difficult.

African women have an almost different problem. In Africa, women are used to dressing in traditional attires, being very decent and well covered. Learning the balance between smart work dressing and decent attires is hard for most, with some tending towards being well covered and forgetting the smart part and others heading a little too much in the opposite direction. Here are a few tips that could help ride the line between being a proud African woman and a smart working class lady.

Have At Least A Pantsuit

The pantsuit is a good work attire for every woman, your pants should be properly fitted, not tight and not hanging bogusly. Pantsuits are close enough to men’s suits while retaining the femininity of the woman. You would be able to compete comfortably with her male colleagues without feeling restricted or objectified.

This works best when used early in the week, Mondays-Tuesdays. They work great for board meetings and presentations too

Restricting color to what you wear inside is wise. Use discretion in determining color. Depending on your mood, this outfit can go with heels or flats!

A suit, or many

Owning a skirt suit is definitely a yes, yes for all working women. Now, the number depends on what kind of work you do. Women in the cooperate world are definitely the first in line for suits.

When wearing a suit, aim for comfort and practicality. Go with whatever color suits your mood in the day.

If you work in a cooperate organization, meaning, you don’t work for yourself, work from home or work in a small business organization, it’s important that you keep your color to use to the minimum with your suits.

A Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a must for the working woman.  Go with a patterned colorful designs if you want and plain bold colours if you feel like it. Keep the length of your skirt appropriate, not more than an inch above the knee and not more than past your mid-sin. Too short says indecent, too long is tacky.

Plain pencil skirt + colorful patterned button down

Colorful pencil skirt + plain button down shi

Patterned pencil skirt + patterned button down

Remember, when you’re going with a pattern on pattern, be sure they correlate and complement each other. When going with this, you might want to pair it with a plain blazer which leads to the next item on our must have list

A Blazer

It’s important to have a blazer in your wardrobe. It can turn a casual attire to something more business appropriate. Wearing it with a pencil skirt, a gown or dress trousers works always. You should have your blazer in a bold plain color, that way, it wouldn’t matter if you’re wearing it with more colorful clothes.

Using a blazer on cold days keeps you warm and classy.

Matching Tops and Bottoms

Matching tops and bottoms come in handy all the time when you don’t want to wear a suit. It’s the next best thing. A beautifully made Ankara top and bottom m works perfectly. You can wear this towards the end of the week, Thursday, Friday and feel confident and relaxed. The bottom m could be a skirt or a trouser, just be sure to make it fitting but not tight

infamous LBD (Little Black Dress)

Sounds  cliche, but cliches always work. This is not a dinner gown, it’s a simple stylish dress that gives you many different looks when you pair it with different things. You could try these pairs:

Black dress + bright colored Blazer + pumps

Black dress + bright colored belt + pumps or heels

Black dress with no accessories and simple Jewelry

Button Down Shirts

Have as many as possible, in as many, did colors and styles as you want. This is the widest room for color play. Have long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless button downs that too can pair with anything and feel comfortable and stylish.

Traditional Attires

Tradition is an intricate part of our lives in Africa. Dressing native shows pride in your culture. What to note is where to draw the line. Wear properly fitted attires that do not hamper your movement at work. Pair with nontraditional articles too. Try a traditional skirt with a lovely button down or vise verse. Wear a traditional attire towards the of the week.

Make sure to use minimal make-up and jewelry. It calls less critical attention towards you. Wear sensible, stylish comfortable shoes. Walk with your chin up with confidence and class. Have a nice day at the office!

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