The first time I saw Broccoli I thought it was another type of Mushroom until I saw the name on the tag. I bought it because it looked really nice and very edible, when I got home I researched and discovered that broccoli offers a broad range of benefits. It has even been said that that this super food might protect against cancer.

  1. Cancer prevention – Broccoli contains glucoraphanin which the body process into the anti-cancer sulforaphane. It prevents the development of tumors by 60 percent and also helps to reduce the size of any cancerous tumor by 75 percent.


  1. Reduces Cholesterol – Cholesterol is an essential component in our body, but it becomes our foe when it becomes too high. Eating broccoli will absorb the cholesterol in the body due to its richness in soluble fiber.

  1. Controls Allergy and reduces inflammation – Broccoli is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which is well known for fighting inflammation and also lessens the impact of allergies. If you have really bad allergies, eating broccoli might help to lessen it.



  1. Healthy Bones – Broccoli contains a significant level of calcium and vitamin K which plays an important role in bone strength and formation. Your bones will remain very healthy as long as you eat broccoli


  1. Great Antioxidant – As a powerful antioxidant that is highly concentrated in vitamin C, it counteracts the deterioration of stored food products that might be potentially damaging to the body system.



  1. Improves Your Heart Health – Eating broccoli reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It promotes a strong, healthy heart because of its production of sulforaphane which prevents inflammation. It also provides higher levels of heart-protective chemicals.


  1. Diet Aids – If you’re trying to shed some weight, broccoli should be your best friend. It is rich in healthy carbs, contains 90% water, high in fiber, reduces hunger, aids digestion and prevents constipation.


  1. Detoxification – Broccoli is the best vegetable to use for the detox process. It helps eliminate unwanted components in the body. It will free your bowels, leaving you cleansed and light.


Broccoli is a superfood rich in essential vitamin and minerals, so as not to lose this beneficial substance avoid overcooking broccoli. If you are on a quest to bettering your health, it’s important to include this vegetable in your diet especially as we’re all looking to start this new year living and feeling like our best selves


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