I recently saw a quote that read:

Admit it. You’re dope. Stop pretending you’re less than you are to protect someone else’s ego. Be unabashedly aware of your fresh.

This post got me thinking of all the different ways an individual who struggles with their self-esteem and insecurities could get to a point where they became so self-confident that nothing could phase them. I eventually compiled a list by doing some research with some FRESH women I know. They each gave me a pointer and went into details about how it made them feel. Have a good read.

‘I sing in the shower everyday while I get ready for work’. – Ibukun.

It makes me feel like I can take on the world. My go-to hit songs on my playlist are anything from Beyonce because in those 10 minutes, I imagine myself on the stage with millions of people focused on me and in that moment, my fierce is re-ignited and I can go about the day feeling as though I own it.

‘Everyday after my morning prayers, I say ‘I am the best thing to happen to planet earth’. – Itunu Adelakun

It makes me feel unstoppable and fearless. If I am the best thing to happen to the planet, then surely, it’s mine to take on.

‘Life is tough but so are you’.- Gugulethu

It reminds me of my reality. That there’ll be a few snags along the way is inevitable but I’ve got me and I am tough as nails so those things have nothing on me. I’m remided everyday of my strength and my knack for conquering.

I look in the mirror and go, look at all that awesomeness.-Lily

It’s a great way for me to hit the ground running because I need to assert that I am actually awesome.

A senior in high school once told me not to look too long in the mirror as we are built to be our own worst critiques so I try not to stare too long in the mirror and for the short time I do, I’m flames baby. – Ursula Mariani

I put my sun glasses on and drive with the music on full blast and sing along loud in traffic to hype me up. – Kitso  Rantao

I’m in media and an aspiring radio journalist so I listen to the 94.7 breakfast show with Anele Mboda, and I remind myself that it takes everything and high excellence and perseverance for a black woman to occupy a space in this white supremacist world, I didn’t come to this world to be mediocre.

Mind your business, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. – Kevwe Salubi

It reminds me not to lose focus and sets my head straight every time. No matter what it is I’m going through, I’ll make it out stronger and wiser.


What are your everyday ‘be aware of your fresh’ mantras? From the looks of it, every ‘baddie’ has to have one.




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