Being an entrepreneur is exciting. You’re your own boss and you make the decisions best for you and your business but it is also filled with highs and lows that are capable of depleting your initial excitement and energy.  In your entrepreneurship  journey, it is important to learn how to fail forward – don’t take mistakes and failures personally instead see them as lessons that will guide you when making your decisions.  Here are seven tips you should hold on to.

Let your passion lead you

Owning a business can be such a herculean task, doing something you’re passionate about will motivate you when the going gets tough, more so, we learn quickly  and easily about thing we are passionate about.

Trust your instincts

It is always good to listen to the advice people have to give especially from those who understand your business but their advice and opinion must not dictate how you run your opinion. Listen to the advice they have to give you but always do what you feel is right.

Constantly monitor your finance

Many startups have failed today because entrepreneurs weren’t on top of their finances . Closely monitor your expenses and income, you must learn to maintain a low overhead and avoid unnecessary cost. Stick to and live on a budget.

Ask for Advice from Entrepreneurs

No man is an island, learn to ask for advice from entrepreneurs who are in the same business as you or in another line of business. When you reach out to them for advice you’ll realise that, there’s always something new to learn. You can even take the initiative to find mentors who can give you advice on product marketing, branding and hiring.


Networking will not only land you a new customer, it will enable you to gain access to channels that may be difficult getting into if you dint network. The social media is a good networking tool;  LinkedIn is a great networking tool for your business because when someone does a google search on your brand or business your LinkedIn profile come up at the top search results.

Great Customer Service

One of the things your focus should be on is providing excellent customer service  to your customers, referrals does wonders for businesses and you will want your early customers to give referrals and speak positively about your products to those in their social circle.

Just Do It

We all now this tag phrase from Nike, there will never be such thing as the right and most appropriate time to start. Just do it! Start now.


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