One fact of life is that stress is unavoidable. Be it in our careers, personal lives, family etc, we encounter stress at almost every time especially when we worry over things we have no control over. Some could even say the lockdown or quarantine period made the stress even more. No doubt, staying indoors or lockdown for a long period of time can be really frustrating but then that isn’t something we have any control over. How then do we over the stress of this period and other stressful things we encounter while on this lockdown? How then can we relieve this stress from our lives? Here are a few tips:

  • It is temporary: Just as life is in phases, so also are the issues that come with it. Remember that stress doesn’t last forever and irrespective of whatever action is taken. However, how long it tarries depends on how quickly you want your happiness back. So stay strong, and deal with the stress as best as you can and you will get through it in the best way possible. You are stronger than you think.
  • Music: It is often said that music is the best therapy and there is so much truth to this. In times of stress, songs help to heal as it brings you back to a better time. Listen to whatever type of music makes you happy not songs that will bring you down and cause you to have sad thoughts. You alone have control over your feelings, emotions and mood.
  • Envelope yourself with positive vibes: Negative people or environment is sure to impact your life negatively and that is guaranteed toxicity for you. To overcome stress, you don’t have to go looking for it through negativity. Severe every ties with negative people and surround yourself with positivity only. A positive attitude is all you need to power through stress and be back to your happy self again. Surround yourself with loving and caring family and friends who will help guide you to happiness, success, and positivity.
  • Hone your passion: What is that thing you love to do even if it’s just for fun? Do you like photography, fashion, makeup, music etc.? Whatever your passion is, drown yourself in it especially when you are stressed as it would help to take your mind off issues especially ones you have no control over. Keeping busy can help you stay distracted and let the time pass as the issue resolves itself. Share your photographs online, make great fashion designs, write music if you are good at it. Whatever you do, just be happy doing it.
  • Vent: Bottling things inside of you especially when stressed is unhealthy because it breeds a toxic environment in your mind. Be expressive and vent your feelings to just about anyone you can trust. For some people, writing in a blog or diary or journal helps them to express their pain, anger, depression or whatever they are stressing about. It is always helpful to let your feelings out even if it means to cry. It makes you feel better.
  • Work out: For some, working out is a great stress reliever for them and anxiety while getting fit at the same time. So you could try yoga, pilates, or even boxing class. These classes can serve as a great distraction as your focus will be centred on becoming more productive than in that pain or sorrow.

Photo Credit: Virtue Digest

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