1. You can control where the fat is lost from

When you work out, you lose overall body fat no matter what you do. In a new study for the Journal of strength and conditioning  11 people completed a 12 week exercise where they trained a single leg. In the end, they lost about the same level of fat in the other leg and even more above the waist.

2. The more pain, the more gain

You should feel a little discomfort, however, obsessing over the level of pain believing that the more pain you feel, the more fat you’re losing, is a huge myth. In fact, where the pain is a little more than just discomfort it might be time to visit the physician as you do not want to cause injuries to your muscles or tendons.

3. Stretch before you work out

Stretching before working out can make your muscles feel weak and unsteady, according to a new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Why? Stretching causes tendons to loosen up, leaving your muscles less firm, says study author Jeffrey Gergley, an associate professor of kinesiology at Stephen F. Austin State University. When that happens, the muscles have less force to lift weights so a pre work-out stretch could actually have a negative impact on your work-out. Loosening up post-exercise however, can relax you and help bring your muscles back to their normal resting state.

4. Running on a treadmill is as effective as going for a run outside

Running against the wind and uneven roads could really engage your muscles a lot more than the treadmill at the gym ever will so no, it is not the same effect.

5. Exercise is the best way to lose weight

Exercise is one way to lose weight, however, little to no impact will be seen unless you change your diet and are able to eat healthier. Eating healthy is still the quickest way to lose some fat, it doesn’t take away from the benefits that exercise will have on your mind and body such as boosting memory, better moods and protecting the brain against age-related decline.

6. Lifting weights is an exercise only meant for Men

Lifting weights could actually help slim you down. Women who lift heavier weights tend to lose more fat than those who do lighter dumbbells according to a study published in




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