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First, take a moment to congratulate yourself for a great year. Many times, we’re so glued to what we haven’t accomplished that it takes away the joy from the goals we’ve met.

  1. You’re alive

This might not be much of a big deal to you on the face of it. But, you’ve been here. You’re still doing this life thing. You’re here. Still standing and not in the hospital, a sickness/disease didn’t put a pause on your life through the course of the year. You journeyed to and fro, maybe even had near accidents but still, you’re breathing. Now, tell me if that isn’t a big deal.

2. You made progress.

Now not every part of your life suffered this year, even where you might have made mistakes. Those mistakes have taught you what not to do going forward, you’ve acknowledged them that’s progress.

3. You are not alone.

Now whether surrounded by family or friends. It is in this season, that you truly get to see the importance of family and having loved ones. No matter what it is that you might be going through during this yuletide and no matter where you’re at in life, at every given phase in your life, you have someone. You are never alone!

4. You grew

You are not stagnant. You overcame some challenges and others you simply had to grow through so that you would be strong enough to combat whatever was laying wait for you ahead. I like to think of my challenges as victory laps I have to survive to get to my next destination. You can’t win the Hurdle race if you do not jump over it.

5. You are motivated

I like to thank God in advance and praise Him in the hallway even when the thing I seek seems so far out of my reach. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re bent on learning how to do better, how to advance yourself and that in itself is reason to be thankful. Not everyone has the motivation to get up and try again and keep trying… suicide rates are up the roof partly because people no longer have the will to live and keep trying at this life thing we’re all trying to figure out. The mere fact that you are and are open to learning from mistakes says a lot about your character.

Finally, don’t exclude yourself from the celebrations simply because you’re upset that some goals weren’t met. Remember that there is a timing for everything. Trust the timing of your life!

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